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62-year-old Woman Gets Pregnant After Reaching Menopause

Wonders shall never end; some things will always continue to amaze people no matter what. As knowledgeable men are, the occurrence of certain things will defy scientific explanations and leave people amazed.
Some people have little or no hope when it comes to accomplishing their dreams; they live by no faith and do not ever consider themselves good enough for miracles. That is why some give up before the battle ever starts and some simply wait for them to get defeated while fighting.
In as much as there is life, there is hope! Depending on what your school of thought is, things can turn around for you when you do not expect it. Some people get their miracles when the sun is down and the world feel their lives are over.
Some happen to be unique and have things working for them from the very first moment they try. The story of this 62-year-old woman will get you on your feet and make you trust God more. Who do you say is responsible for acts that the greatest scientists of the world cannot fathom? Lina page
rez is a Spanish woman who is expecting a child after receiving fertility treatment.
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She is a 62-year-old woman who is pregnant despite having reached menopause twenty years ago. Even though the pregnancy is not her first child, it is still amazing to know that she is expecting a baby at that age given the odds.
Alvarez is eight months gone and will be having her baby girl in October; she has two sons even though the eldest requires constant care because a gynaecologist damaged his head during a routine test before he was born. The youngest is 10 years old; seventeen years younger than the first.
She feels like this event is a miracle and cannot get over it; most medical expert thought it was impossible for her to be a mother again even though she desired it. Despite the discouraging things she heard here and there, she finally met a gynaecologist who was willing to work on her.
He conducted the tests and agreed to help her; she was told the chances of the fertility treatment working was six percent. It is intriguing to know that this 62-year-old woman would be expecting her third child and her first baby girl at that age.
She does not mind the fact that she will be a grandmother and a mother by the time the unborn child clocks thirty. This pregnancy has generated lots of arguments in Spain because some people think the procedure should not have been done because of her age. She is not bothered about this as she looks forward to the birth of her baby.

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